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If you are looking for the best music advice in town, Pats Music Store has the Blog you simply must read. Learn what our music aficionados have to say about some of the Musical Instruments in store. Experts from our Piano Shop and our Guitar Shop, frequent these pages with invaluable insights into choosing the right instruments.

Advice on Musical Instruments

If you are looking to buy Piano music or perhaps change the tone of your Electric Guitar, follow this forum to get some great ideas, straight from Melbourne's favourite Music Shop.

Piano sales 24

Piano Sale Continues

Keeping the Music Alive: Pats Music Store Piano Sale Continues! Hey there, music lovers! Guess what? The party’s still going strong at Pats Music Store …

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Melbourne Home Recording

Affordable Home recording

Affordable Home recording Tips & Tricks In the past, setting up a quality recording studio was a daunting and expensive task, requiring extensive soundproofing, high-end …

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Yamaha C40 Gig Maker Guitar Pack

Holiday Guitar Packs

Grab a Guitar Pack Having been through home schooling and now school holidays, a welcome distraction may be on the minds of many parents.But lets …

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