Acoustic Guitar packs go wild

Acoustic Guitar packs go wild

The recent lockdown across Australia has seen lots of people taking up musical instruments. None more so, than an Acoustic Guitar.

So the team at Pats Music are assisting new musicians, take their first steps in the wonderful world of musicianship.
As a beginner, we know it can be somewhat daunting, to even step in to a music store. It has to be said though. Just one phone call or visit to our music shop has quickly alleviated those reservations.

Busiest of all is our Guitar department, with Acoustic Guitars, Electric Guitars and lots of Ukuleles flying out of the door. Never before have we seen such a take up in these musical instruments and it has been an absolute pleasure to see the happiness a guitar can bring.


Yamaha Acoustic Guitar Packs

Yamaha Gigmaker-Concert Classical Guitar Pack
Popular are our Yamaha Acoustic Guitar Packs. As with all Yamaha Musical Instruments, the Acoustic Guitar rangerepresents unbeatable value for money. The guitars are well made, sound great, play great and above all are affordable. The Guitar packs vary, but often will include a Guitar Carry Bag, Digital Tuner and picks.

Fender Acoustic Guitars

Hugely popular also are our Fender Acoustic Guitar Packs. Fender are of course the biggest name in guitars, so it is no surprise that they have been in hot demand. Fender offer a range of guitars covering all levels from Beginner to Rock Super Star.

Packs such as the Fender FA-115 Dreadnought Acoustic Guitar Pack at just $199 come with Picks, Guitar Strap, Gig Bag and even a spare set of strings.

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Premium Guitar Brands

Surprisingly it’s not just the beginner guitars that are flying out of the door. For some, the allure of a world-class guitar is irresistible and here at Pats, we have some beauties.

Guitars like the Fender California Series have been incredibly popular, matched by the Ibanez PF Series Acoustic Guitar range. Both offer a Premium guitar, still at a reasonable price.

Always stunning to the eye and equally as impressive to play is the Gretsch range. Gretsch always appeal to guitarists looking for that slightly more unique look and feel.

At the very top of the food chain are of course Martin Guitars and Maton. The undeniable quality of these guitars is the stuff of legend. Despite the price tag, for many new customers, a guitar that will continue to get better with time, is irresistible. These magnificent guitars really are something that once owned are difficult to ever part with.

Guitar after Sales Service

Owning a guitar requires on going care. As you advance, there is a plethora of accessories to enhance both the sound and the usability of the instrument. Here at Pats Music Store, we have every accessory a guitarist cold ever need.

Our talented staff are here to help. Whether it be choosing the right Guitar Pick or upgrading your Strings, we will ensure you are getting the right accessories for your budget and needs.

Business as usual

As the world slowly returns to normal, stocks of sold out Acoustic Guitar models are being replenished, as are popular accessories.

With so many new guitarists, we remain committed to providing that friendly support, our loyal customers have enjoyed for over 30 years.

It’s still not too late to grab an Acoustic Guitar and begin that journey. So why not stop by and talk to our Guitar Specialists. Doors are open as usual and you might even grab a real bargain in our 30th Birthday Celebrations.