Yamaha Keyboard Month

Yamaha Keyboard Month

It’s Yamaha Keyboard month at Pat’s Music Store. To further celebrate Keyboard Month, Pats Music has teamed up with Yamaha Music Australia for the Yamaha Music Education System concert. The event will be held at Monash University’s Clayton campus on the 22nd and 23rd of September. Of course, we here at Pats are very excited to be involved in this event.

The following is a brief summary of what the Education System has to offer to students of all skill levels.

The Yamaha Music Education System

The Yamaha Music Education System provides music education through courses designed for a broad range of students. Including children, youths and adults, the course covers beginners to those who wish to acquire a high-level of music ability.

The foundations of this idea began with “Music Class for Pre-school Children”, in Tokyo in 1954. This later developed into the Yamaha Music School, establishing itself throughout various countries from 1964. Subsequently the course came to Australia in 1970.
Since launching almost 50 years ago, Yamaha Music Education Australia continues to embody Yamaha’s internationally designed curriculum. The course focuses on bringing out a child’s potential by nurturing their capabilities to express themselves through music.
Today, the Yamaha Music Education System remains part of the world’s largest music company. It has developed into a globally recognised system with more than 650,000 students, with 20,000 instructors across 40 countries. Along with this, more than 6 million students have graduated from our schools, with alumni numbers continuing to grow.

Throughout the year

Throughout their time at Yamaha, all students from beginner to advanced, will have the chance to participate in Yamaha’s Annual Concert. Each year, Yamaha holds these student concerts in Melbourne, Sydney, Perth and Adelaide. The school concerts provide an opportunity for Yamaha Music Education students to demonstrate their progress to family and friends.

It’s also a valuable opportunity for all students to develop the confidence of performing in front of a large audience. This experience is then shared with students from all Yamaha Music Schools.
Annual concerts also provide students with a goal to work towards throughout the year. Students will learn to prepare their pieces and focus their practice towards their concert performance.

The Yamaha Keyboard event

The design of Electronic Keyboards is of course, very different to that of Digital Pianos. Most often built to a smaller scale, Synthesizers and Home Keyboards are usually fitted with 61 keys. Unlike a Digital Pianos weighted keys, Keyboards have a much lighter feel. They contain hundreds of different sounds suitable for all different genres of music. These include drum and percussion sounds to build backing tracks and beats.

This weekend, Yamaha Music Education will host their Melbourne concert at Monash University over two days, with 6 concerts in total. Each concert will have over 70 students performing, as proud parents and other family members look on.

Over 400 students will perform in Melbourne on the 22nd and 23rd September, with around 900 audience members passing through.

Pats Music representatives will be present on both dates, with Kate Finkelstein attending Saturday and Shane McMahon attending on Sunday. Additionally, stock of the brand new Yamaha gear, shall be available to both try and purchase on the day. Furthermore, the team will have everything digital with them. Try a portable Yamaha Keyboard like the P45 or P125, right through to the digital pianos in the Clavinova range.

We look forward to seeing you all there!

Yamaha DGX660 Digital Piano Keyboard