Yamaha SCBX22PSTMSG Stage Custom Birch 5pc Drum Kit

Yamaha SCBX22PSTMSG Stage Custom Birch 5pc Drum Kit

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Stage Custom Birch Drum Kit with Paiste PST5 Cymbal Set
*Bonus 18″ PSTX Thin Crash

Solid drums for solid drummers.
Yamaha Stage Custom, loved by drummers all over the world since 1995. Made from 100% birch wood, which has been used as a typical material for Yamaha drums for many years, is used to create same high functionality and quality as the high-end class. Stage Custom Birch is a solid drum for solid drummers.

Yamaha birch sound with a beautiful lacquer coating
The shells use 100% birch, which has been responsible for the distinctive sound of Yamaha drums for many years, and offers short decay, quick attack, and tight sound with good separation.

The coating specifications of the finish achieve the kind of beauty found in high-end drum kits. The individuality created by the variations in wood grain from natural wood, and hand lacquered finish will make your drum set unique.

Diversity that allows expression
The lineup of shell size variations is not limited to the standard kit configuration, but also includes single shells from 8″ to 24″ like those found in high-end drum kits. From small-diameter jazz kits to large-diameter huge rock kits, drummers can assemble their setup as they please. Yamaha Stage Custom kits embodies every aspect of your musicality.

Superior functionality that ensures its appeal as an instrument
Yamaha Stage Custom kits feature metal parts that are the result of our expertise as a comprehensive musical instrument manufacturer, combined with years of research and development.

The lugs (Absolute Lugs) utilize an internal lug locking mechanism, in which a lug nut hold plate inside the lug prevents the tension bolt from loosening while playing.

The Yamaha Enhanced Sustain System (Y.E.S.S.) makes no compromises in bringing out the natural sound of the toms, while the traditional ball mount and clamp allows for stress-free setup. These parts, which are also used in higher-end drum kits, allow Yamaha Stage Custom kits to achieve superior functionality beyond their class.

Product Information

100% birch shells with short decay, quick attack, and tight sound with good separation
Beautiful hand lacquered finish found in high-end kits
Metal parts that can also be found in high-end kits used throughout
Lineup featuring a variety of shell sizes from 8″ to 24″

PST5 Cymbal Set
Paiste Sound Technology stands for first-class manufactured cymbals and high quality sound design at an affordable price. PST5 is the entry to Paiste’s world of bronze cymbals and since its introduction in 2005, it continues to be a best seller. Considering recent musical trends, the PST5 was newly designed by our Swiss Sound Development Team. Visually the PST5 were consciously altered only in detail but their fundamental sonic value changed considerably. The cymbals are lighter resulting in a deeper, warmer sound while preserving its bright basic character. They have increased flexibility resulting in a more appealing feel. Overall the new PST5 is significantly more musical.

Bright, clean, focused, cutting and energetic with full functional and very musical characteristics

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