Remo SMT Emperor Coated Bass Drum Head 16″ to 24″

Remo SMT Emperor Coated Bass Drum Head 16″ to 24″

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SMT Bass Drumheads are a pre-muffled design featuring Sub Muff’l Technology.
SMT™ Bass Drumheads are constructed with an externally mounted dampening profile and free-floating acoustic foam. The externally mounted dampening profile enables the bass drumhead and drum shell to maintain full sound characteristics with additional attack and low-end frequencies.

Sub Muff’l Technology® (SMT) allows a broad tonal spectrum of tuning ranges with controlled high and mid frequencies and deep, powerful low tones. SMT is a new industry standard and one of the market’s most musical and versatile pre-muffled bass drumheads.

Ideal for live and recording applications. Available in sizes 16″ through 24 inches.

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16", 18", 20", 22", 24"