Alhambra Extra Hard Tension Classical Guitar Strings

Alhambra Extra Hard Tension Classical Guitar Strings

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These are is is the strings that all Alhambra guitars come with.

Silverplated Nylon Classical Guitar strings are premium classical guitar string series.

Treble strings are measured by a sophisticated computer-controlled laser which performs consistency and quality checks, insuring true-sounding strings in every set.

Basses are made with 80/20 bronze wound on nylon.

A very consistent string with great classical depth and projection that works so well across the whole Alhambra range.

This is a string that like the guitars has been constantly tested and honed to perfection for over 50 years.

1º: 0,73 mm – 0,0290”
2º: 0,85 mm – 0,0333”
3º: 1,05 mm – 0,0416”
4º: 0,76 mm – 0,030”
5º: 0,91 mm – 0,036”
6º: 1,19 mm – 0,047”

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Dimensions 10 × 10 × 1 cm