Print Music at Pat’s Music Store

Print Music at Pat’s Music Store

Pat’s Music Shop has two rooms devoted to print music with over 7000 items in stock. For music tutors in search of teaching methods or teaching repertoire for your students, we stock the appropriate literature.
Likewise, for students looking to broaden their repertoire and knowledge, our variety of sheet music can help. Moreover, if we don’t have what you’re looking for, we will do our best to source it for you.

Piano Sheet Music

Since many of our piano customers are teachers, we support them by stocking 35 different piano methods. Our range of Piano Tutorials serve both children and adult students. These include the best selling John Thompson course, which has been a popular method for over 80 years. Further tutorials continue and include the Bastien New Traditions course of 2016.
In between is the Hal Leonard Piano Course, Alfred’s Basics, Premier & Prep courses. Additionally we stock the Nancy & Randall Faber’s Piano Adventures, Bastien Piano Basics, Edna Mae Burnam’s Step by Step & A Dozen a Day and much, much more.

Correspondingly, many of these courses have supplementary books to which we mostly keep on the shelf.

AMEB Music Stockist

On the whole, music books for the AMEB exams are a large part of our business. As a matter of fact, our sheet music department proudly sells more AMEB literature than any other music shop in Australia.
For example, we stock books for piano, guitar, violin, cello, flute, clarinet, voice and all instruments students choose to learn.

Popular Sheet Music Titles

Presently, our wide range also includes musical theatre, as wells the most recent Piano For Leisure, Series 4. Pat’s Music Store has an extensive selection of piano, vocal and guitar (PVG) folios for a range of popular

Additionally, our PVG collection covers a multitude of genres. Within our Print Music store, you are certain to find something to play and sing along to.artists. Of course, both old and new artists are covered in our range of PVG folios.

Whether it is an anthology from your favourite artist, or a collection of chart topping radio hits, there is something for everyone.

Notably, Vocal selections and PVG’s for stage and screen are all readily available in store.

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You can find the soundtrack to your favourite movie or the music score for a popular Broadway musical. Likewise children’s classics, contemporary theatre songs, vocal collections from around the world, can all be found on our shelves.

By the same token, if you are looking for something that we may not have in stock, our print department staff are more than happy to try and source it for you. In light of the fact that not everyone plays the piano or guitar, we have albums for a variety of solo instruments. Similarly, these include movie soundtracks, theme music and collections, radio hits, decade chart toppers, anthologies and theatre selections. Some even come with CDs or online audio access.

Sheet Music for Bands

For those looking for methods suitable for a group, you are more than likely to find something from our large range of school band and string orchestra / ensemble selections.
Our collection includes a variety of methods including Essential Elements, Encore on Strings, String Time Joggers, Standard of Excellence, Accent on Achievement, Band Class and many more.

Music Accessories

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As well as print music & music books, you can also find music stands, accessories and giftware. There is a selection of stands ranging from the Xtreme stands, perfect for younger students and beginners. Additionally, the Wenger and Manhasset stands, are designed to serve all musicians at a variety of levels.
In order for students to get used to playing in time, Pat’s Music also stocks a range of metronomes, both digital and mechanical. In particular, Intelli, Korg and Rebel digital metronomes are all available in the print department. As well as Wittner and Nikko mechanical metronomes, which come in a range of colours and finishes.
Finally, if you’re looking for a present for your teacher, or maybe your students, our accessories and giftware are perfect. Music gift items include carry bags, music folders, pens, pencils, lapel pins, key-chains, glassware and the popular Rondofile folders.
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