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It’s now September and at Pats Music that can mean only one thing; Keyboard month is back

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Piano Keyboards, Digital Pianos and Acoustic Pianos have contributed a huge part of our business over our 28 year journey. So if you are in the market, there is no better time to visit our lovely showroom than now. In celebration of this sale, we have put together the following blog. The article outlines where to start looking for beginners considering learning to play either keyboard or piano.

With so much available on the market, purchasing your first keyboard or digital piano can be a daunting task. Fortunately, with decades of experience in this area, Pats music is here to help make that task an easy one. Stocking a wide range of both Casio and Yamaha products, we are confident that we will be able to find the right instrument for you.
So, if you or your child are starting to learn, the first question you need to ask yourself is “Do I want to play piano or keys?” Although they are both very similar instruments, subtle differences in their respective functionality and playability set them apart. If you are hoping to learn to play piano, digital pianos are ideal for building the correct posture and playing techniques. If you want to play around with a whole bunch of different sounds, backing tracks, and work on arrangements, then a keyboard with all its bells and whistles is better suited to you. Here is a more in depth breakdown of the differences and advantages of both digital pianos and keyboards.

Digital Pianos

As previously mentioned, Digital Pianos are the right choice of instrument if you want to build your skills as a pianist. Digital pianos are simply made to replicate the feel and sound of an acoustic piano. They boast the same 88 note scale as an acoustic piano with weighted keys. Additionally, they deliver a realistic touch, similar to the mechanical action of an acoustic piano. The weighted keys are the real selling point, helping you to build the strength in your fingers required for playing piano pieces of music. In contrast to a piano, digital pianos do not require any maintenance such as tuning.

They come with a range of different sounds from organs through to strings. In addition to built in speakers, you can also play silently through headphones. You can adjust their volume and, most importantly, they are much more affordable. Starting from just $539 for a Yamaha P45 or $599 for a Casio CDP135, Pats Music will be able to get you started on your journey as a pianist!
We stock a little bit of everything from both the Yamaha and Casio Digital Piano range. This includes the Yamaha YDP Arius and CLP Clavinova, along with the Casio PX Privia and AP Celviano.

Non Piano Keyboards

The design of Electronic Keyboards is of course, very different to that of Digital Pianos. Most often built to a smaller scale, Synthesizers and Home Keyboards are usually fitted with 61 keys. Unlike a Digital Pianos weighted keys, Keyboards have a much lighter feel. They contain hundreds of different sounds suitable for all different genres of music. These include drum and percussion sounds to build backing tracks and beats.

Functionality varies across different models, but recording and accompaniment are just two of the many functions attractive to keyboard players. Despite having a different feel to an acoustic piano, keyboards are an affordable alternative. Consequently they provide easy way to build your knowledge of music theory. Also yo can create song arrangements and play with a variety of different sounds. If you are considering entering into the world of music, keyboards are a popular and easy choice. Starting at just $239 for a Yamaha YPT360 or $279 for a Yamaha PSRE363, they are very affordable.

Yamaha DGX660 Digital Piano Keyboard

Regardless of your reasons for entering the realm of Keyboards and Digital Pianos. You can be sure that here at Pats Music Store we will find the right instrument to start your journey.