Christmas Gifts & Lay By

Christmas Gifts & Lay By

Choosing Christmas gifts for Musicians (especially if you are not one yourself), can be tricky. But with Christmas fast approaching, it’s not too early to start thinking about presents for your loved ones.

Pat’s Music have a huge selection of great gift ideas for those ‘hard-to-buy for’ musician friends and family. If we don’t happen to have what you’re looking for, one of our friendly staff members will do their very best to track it down and get it in for you.

Guitar starter packs

Closer to Christmas time, many of the much loved, big brands like Yamaha and Fender bring out guitar starter packs. For an amazing price you can pick up not only a great guitar but added accessories as well. These high quality guitar packs come with a range of straps, cases, cables and amps. They ensure aspiring musicians have everything they could possibly need when they first pick up the guitar. These affordable packs are great for beginners and they are sure to make perfect Christmas gifts.

FenderPlay Pre-Paid Cards

Another great gift idea for any guitarist, are our official FenderPlay Pre-Paid Cards. Choose between three months or six months, and guitarists can connect their card. Then redeem step-by-step, bite sized lessons from world-class instructors, as well as progress tracking and guided videos on Fender’s official learning platform. These cards make great, affordable Christmas gifts for beginner guitarists. Additionally, anyone looking to expand and develop their skill set will love this gift.

Musical Instrument Accessories

Pat’s Music Store also stocks a wide range of music accessories. From guitar straps, capos, tuners and strings, to

reeds, metronomes, stands, cases, rosin. If you’re friends or family members are already covered for instruments, then music accessories are just the ticket. Markedly, we are sure to have something in store for the perfect Christmas present to assist their musical journey.

Sheet Music Gifts

If you’re still looking for more gifts or stocking fillers, our Print Music Department is perfect for those added extras! You’ll be sure to find sheet music for your favourite musicians, movies, musicals and composers. Titles are available for a wide selection of instruments and skill levels. Music books are available for piano, guitar, woodwind, brass, strings, drums, choral groups, vocals and more. Furthermore, our Print Music Department also has a large selection of holiday music. Now that’s perfect for that Christmas day performance in front of the family.

Miscellaneous Christmas Gifts for Musicians

As well as sheet music and books, there’s also a large variety of giftware and accessories, perfect for stocking fillers or KK gifts. Gift wares are especially popular amongst students and teachers, looking for end of year gifts and prizes. Of course, we have no shortage of items to pick from. Choose from our collection of stationary, glass wares, bags, cases, collectibles and memorabilia. You are sure to find something.

Music Shop Gift Vouchers

If you’re really struggling to find that elusive present and have no idea what to buy for your musician, why not come into the store and pick up a gift voucher! A Pat’s Music gift voucher is an easy and affordable option to give someone a Christmas gift they can essentially choose themselves! Use of our Music Shop Gift Vouchers covers all products across the entire store. So they’ll definitely be able to put their voucher to good use and you can be sure they will appreciate it.

Music Store Lay-by

In the months leading up to Christmas, keep in mind you can also choose to set up a lay-by, to ensure you have the perfect present ready to go. We now also offer a 10% deposit in the weeks coming up to Christmas, making it easier to get started on your lay-by payments, for less.

Prepare for a Musicians Christmas

If you are looking for Christmas gifts for musicians, you have come to the right place. Make sure you’re prepared for Christmas. Head to our website or come into the store and we’ll do our best to make sure you find everything you’re looking for to make this Christmas great! Whether it’s a brand new instrument for an inspiring musician, accessories to make the process a little easier, sheet music and books or gift wares for students and teachers, Pat’s Music has all you need to get yourself sorted this Christmas!