Choosing the right Piano for Sale

Choosing the right Piano for Sale

What makes a best selling Piano?

When you begin looking for a Piano for sale, a common question to ask is “what sort of piano should I buy?” There are many different takes on what may be the ideal piano for your needs. However there are a few simple things to bear in mind.

  • You should always buy the best piano that you can afford
  • Consider Piano brands used by schools, exam boards and teachers
  • How far into the future do I want the piano to last?
  • Should I consider a digital Piano or an acoustic Piano?

There are many brands of acoustic pianos on the Market. For example, many of the best brands are made in Europe, often with price points into the tens of thousands of dollars. These pianos have very individual touches and tones and are the choice of some of the world’s best pianists. However, many people are purchasing a piano for their children to begin the journey of playing piano. With this in mind other options may be both affordable and in many cases more suitable for home use. At Pat’s Music we are strong advocates of Yamaha musical instruments for a number of reasons.

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A Yamaha Piano

When you buy a Yamaha Piano, you inherit part of a company that have been building quality musical instruments in Japan for approximately 130 years. Yamaha pianos are the choice of top schools, concert halls, and professional players world wide. Did you know that the AMEB (Australian Music Examination Board) use the Yamaha YUS1 Piano in their examination rooms? Monash University have Yamaha YUS1PE pianos in nearly all of their practice rooms? Furthermore, both Sydney Opera House and Monash University have the $30,0000 Yamaha CFX Concert Grand piano in their Performance halls?

It is for this reason we recommend Yamaha pianos for home use. If your child is studying for an examination on a Yamaha piano, shouldn’t you have the closest thing at home to what the exam board uses? In addition to Yamaha Pianos, there are many alternative Piano brands on the market. It is always preferable that an acoustic piano, have the touch and sound as close the examination piano as possible.

The Upright Piano

When you buy an Upright Piano it is important to purchase something that is of professional height. At 121cm tall, the Pianos height gives a deep enough tone in the bass notes to play with expression. Size matters to achieve a full, rich sound from an Upright Piano. If the piano is going into a living area or large space 131cm is the ideal height, as the strings are longer, therefore more volume and depth to fill the space.

Yamaha Upright Piano

New Japanese made Yamaha professional pianos include a 10 year warranty and they are available at Pat’s Music starting from around $13000.

Second-Hand Pianos

We understand that this may be beyond the budget of many people purchasing their first piano for a young child. Therefore in many cases a secondhand piano may be a suitable option. All of the pre-owned pianos at Pat’s Music are always sourced from Japan and are graded in an A+ condition. This means that even pianos that are 40 years old are still in excellent condition, of a professional standard and are purchasable for a fraction of the price of a brand new one.

The lifespan of most pianos can be 60-80 years, however like a car, you may need to relpace parts from time to time. Buy purchasing an A grade piano from Pat’s music we will include a 10 year warranty on most used Japanese Yamaha Pianos.
Sometimes purchasing a 131cm older professional piano can give better results for learning than a brand new small 109cm student piano for a similar price, as the tone is more often significantly better.

Digital Piano Keyboard

For some people starting out there could be constraints on the budget to under $1500. In this case we will always recommend an electronic instrument over an acoustic piano. New acoustic pianos (as in student models) have a starting price of around $4000. Problem is, you will be buying something small that you will need to upgrade down the track. For under $1500 you can purchase a fully weighted 88 note Yamaha Digital Piano. Consequently, such a Piano Keyboard, will never need tuning and can be moved by two people easily around the house. This sort of instrument will be much more consistent and reliable than any used piano under $3000. Therefore, when the time comes that your child needs an advanced piano, you will be more comfortable investing $5000 or more in a professional used or even upgrading to a new Yamaha Professional piano.

Finally, to discuss the purchase of Pianos, or even buy Piano Music, why not stop in and say hello. Our friendly staff are knowledgable and will make you feel quite at home in our Piano Shop.