Acoustic Vs Electronic Drums: What is right for me?

Acoustic Vs Electronic Drums: What is right for me?

Whether you are looking at buying your child their first kit, starting drums yourself or picking the sticks up again. The first question you will need to answer is a difficult one; Should I go with an acoustic or electronic drum kit?

Both of these options come with their own unique advantages and challenges. The answer can be complex and difficult to arrive upon. That said, through careful consideration, you will find yourself leaning in the direction that is right for you. Ultimately it is a balance between your needs and your budget.

Acoustic Drums

The greatest advantage of an acoustic drum kit is the unmistakable feel of its skins and cymbals. Consequently, this

feel is what delivers a large array of achievable tones. Just like any other musical instrument, mastery of the drum kit Yamaha Acoustic Drum Kits is found through great control of dynamics and tone. A set of acoustic drums will allow its player to perfect their stick handling technique. Furthermore, Drum practice will also teach them how to control volume and intensity. In terms of building good drumming habits, you cannot go past an acoustic kit.

How much is an acoustic drum kit?

At Pats Music, acoustic drums start at very reasonable prices. For example, a 5 piece Yamaha Rydeen kit including a stool, kick pedal, Paiste PST3 cymbal set and various bits of hardware. These kits come in 6 stunning colours and are perfect for the beginner level player. For the aspiring drummer looking to build their craft from the ground up, this is ideal. The Yamaha Rydeen drum set presents the perfect balance between quality and affordability. Additionally, the PST3 offers that world renowned Yamaha tone, without breaking the bank.

Yamaha Acoustic Drum Kit Stage

Professional Drum Kits

Pats Music also caters to the player who is looking to invest in their forever drum kit. One obvious example, is the famous and much loved Yamaha Stage Custom. This stunning kit once again comes complete with everything you need and more. This includes a second floor tom and upgraded Paiste PST5 cymbal set (currently including a free splash cymbal). Whether you are rehearsing at home, gigging relentlessly, or making records, the Yamaha Stage Custom with its solid birch shells will meet all of your expectations with ease.

Silence Please

The main challenges you will find in owning an acoustic drum kit are space and noise. Drums are very big and loud instruments. For players in smaller living arrangements, this can be an issue. There is nothing worse than having your rehearsal session interrupted by a visit from the local police. However, if you can manage the space required to set up a drum set, there are options available which enable quiet practice. The Remo Silent Stroke skins are a semi-permanent solution, offering the same feel as regular drum skins with a sound that reduces to below talking volume. Vic Firth drum mutes are another option which are added or removed from a kit in a matter of minutes, allowing for both quiet practice and full blown rehearsals.

Electronic Drums

An electronic drum kit is absolutely perfect for any person looking to build their sense of rhythm and timing. Electronic kits are smaller than their acoustic cousins and enable close-to-silent practice. An electronic kit’s greatest asset is its

digital capabilities. Selection and alteration of a wide variety of sounds is achieved with the touch of a button. Most noteworthy however, is that you can rehearse songs through headphones or amplified through an external speaker. This also means that recording is a breeze.

dtx532k Electronic Drums by Yamaha

On top of all this, electronic drums come in a variety of different setups to suit a player’s budget and drumming requirements. The Yamaha DTX series has been a Pats Music favourite for a long time. Offering superior sounds, playability, and user-friendly interfaces, the Yamaha DTX range has something to offer for everyone. Even if you are the person picking up a pair of sticks for the first time, or the advanced player who lives and breathes rhythm.
Due to their affordability and silent capabilities, electronic drum kits may seem to be the perfect solution. They do, however, have their own challenges. Electronic drums do not allow for the same level of control a player might have over an acoustic kit. This is largely due to the difference in feel between electronic drum pads regular acoustic skins. To combat this issue, Yamaha begins introducing silicone pads in the middle of the range, starting with the DTX522K.


In conclusion, it can be difficult choosing between acoustic and electronic drums. In some circumstances, the choice may be made for you due to space and noise restrictions. Our recommendation would be to closely consider what is important to you as an individual. More importantly, to choose an instrument that you are going to love to play. If you need help in finding what is right for you, come and visit us at Pats music and we can take you through the all of the different options.