A Digital Piano Keyboard for Singer Songwriters

The perfect Digital Piano Keyboard for developing Singers and Singer-Songwriters

There is one Yamaha digital piano keyboard that stands out amongst the rest. It is a multifaceted musical instrument designed to assist in the development of the next era of Musicians. These include pianists, singers, performers, songwriters, composers and music producers. Furthermore, it is also a super handy tool for Vocal teachers.

DGX660 Yamaha Digital Piano Keyboard
The Yamaha DGX660 is an ALL IN ONE digital piano keyboard, stage piano and recording studio


For the piano player it has 88 notes with a graded hammer action allowing for the development of piano technique. It comes with a wooden stand and a three pedal unit. This allows players to familiarise themselves with the position of an acoustic piano. It also has a guided lesson function on board for the beginner keyboard player. Additionally there is a headphone socket for silent practice. Both size and feel make this an ideal Piano Keyboard for expressive recordings.


For the singer, the DGX660 has a microphone input. Vocal effects allow the developing vocalist to learn how to sing into a microphone. Additionally effects such as reverbs and choruses are accessible from the comfort of your own home, without the need of a studio. Developing microphone technique is an important skill for an aspiring singer.

The digital audio recorder allows a singer to record their performances and listen back to them. This can be an unnerving experience for a singer, as singers are often their own worst critic. But recording and listening back to their voice is essential for any singer aspiring to be a recording artist. Recording and listening back to their voice allows a vocalist to improve intonation (singing in tune) and learn to hear their voice from outside, rather than inside their head

Yamaha DGX660 Digital Piano Keyboard

Accompaniment Keyboard

With over 200 rhythms and auto accompaniment, the DGX660 allows singers or singing teachers to create backing tracks for their favourite songs in their preferred key. With over 500 general midi sounds, a singer is also able to down load pre recorded midi backing tracks and transpose them.

For the audio recorder, backing tracks can convert to MP3 and saved to a thumb drive. This means they become transferable to a computer, emailed or uploaded to the ‘cloud’, saved to smart devices and used for live performances, auditions or competitions.
The DGX660 Yamaha Piano Keyboard also has an audio line in that can be connected to computer, tablet or phone. The audio input can amplify audio tracks such as pre recorded backing tracks, MP3 karaoke tracks, or even YouTube Karaoke tracks to sing along to.


When an artist wishes to use their Yamaha DGX660 to perform, the wooden stand is removable. The Piano Keyboard

is then put on an adjustable stand. This electronic keyboard comes with a free cabled sustain pedal for this purpose, and with a balanced line-out the DGX660 can be amplified through PA systems or amplifiers.

The 2 x 6 watt speakers act as fabulous on stage fold back. Conveniently, the on board, mic input and effects allow the performer to adjust the vocal levels directly from the piano. In addition the line-in allowing for connection to phone or tablet, amplifies audio playback such as backing tracks or pre recorded music to add to a performance.

singing with piano keyboard


sE DGX660 microphone

The DGX660 Digital Keyboard has over 500 realistic sounds, including; Drum kits, Brass, Strings, Organs, Electric Pianos, Guitars and Bass Guitars, Synthesisers. It also has an array of traditional world musical instruments. With so many sounds at their fingertips, composers have access to a multitude of voices when creating a new composition. And the 6 track multi track recorder allows the budding artist to create compositions directly on the piano.

The microphone input also doubles as an input for guitar or any other amplified instrument.
In addition to the multi track recorder the on-board audio recorder records performance to MP3 allowing storage on thumb drive and shared online.

If the developing songwriter-composer-producer evolves beyond the recording capabilities of the DGX660, why not use it as a midi controller keyboard. Via MIDI the Piano Keyboard works any computer laptop or tablet along with the producers choice of recording software.
The large speakers and audio line in also double up as monitor speakers when used with a computer or tablet.
The DGX660 ALL-IN-ONE digital piano comes in either black or white and retails at $1599.
A great addition to the DGX660 is the MPKAMSI microphone pack that comes with boom stand, mic clip, mic bag and the correct cable for the DGX660. The MPKAMSI retails at $99.95