MuzicBug Picture Story Books

MuzicBug Picture Story Books

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Muzicbug has been developed to bring awareness and teach young children important ‘life skills’ which assists the building of confidence and the development of a strong sense of self.

Psychological research shows that building confidence and self esteem are integral to strong, long term mental health and building a constructive life.

Muzicbug is the creation of Melbourne based clinical psychologist Dr Rebecca Meaney and former primary school teacher and musician, Leighton Smith. Combined, Rebecca and Leighton have over 40 years experience working with Australian children.

The ‘life skills’ featured in the book and animation series are listed below. Each one has an introduction to the life skill and an overview of the importance of the skill. To get a better understanding and to embellish the meaning of these skills, the Muzicbug picture book series provides some simple day to day activities that you can do with your child to practice and reinforce these ‘skills for life.’ Through positive reinforcement, children are encouraged to participate and practice these positive behaviours so they become habitual.

Muzicbug 20 ‘Skills For Life’
1 – Being Active
2 – Never Giving Up
3 – Teamwork
4 – Setting Goals
5 – Sharing
6 – Being Brave
7 – Making Extra Effort
8 – Being Organised
9 – Caring For The World
10 – Working Hard
11 – Caring For Your Things
12 – Being Strong
13 – Making Friends
14 – Being Reliable
15 – Joining In
16 – Kindness To Others
17 – Making Decisions
18 – Giving It A Go
19 – Being Yourself
20 – Being A Leader

Our Story
Leighton, a former school teacher, always wanted to create a series of picture story books that would have purpose and meaning and engage children whilst helping them to learn to read. As well as a way to encourage young children to learn a musical instrument, which has research proven benefits to academic, social and emotional skills.

Rebecca, a clinical psychologist, always wanted to help bring awareness to children of important social and emotional life skills such as being organised, sharing, making friends, being kind and caring for the world. She sees the development of these fundamental life skills at an early age to have life changing benefits throughout a child’s lifetime.

So together they created Muzicbug. The arrival of the successful Muzicbug picture story and audio books was followed by the Muzicbug You Tube channel featuring the unique music and nursery rhyme animations.
Together, through their very musical bugs, their aim is to bring awareness of important life skills and help promote musical instrument learning and playing.

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