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If you are looking for the best music advice in town, Pats Music Store has the Blog you simply must read. Learn what our music aficionados have to say about some of the Musical Instruments in store. Experts from our Piano Shop and our Guitar Shop, frequent these pages with invaluable insights into choosing the right instruments.

Advice on Musical Instruments

If you are looking to buy Piano music or perhaps change the tone of your Electric Guitar, follow this forum to get some great ideas, straight from Melbourne's favourite Music Shop.

March 2020 Keyboard & Piano Sale

by Pats Music

Get ready, as the March Pats Music Store Piano Sale is almost upon us.

Yamaha Piano Sale

Indeed, starting on the 27th of February, through the whole of March, everything in our Piano showroom is on sale.

Therefore you’ll find;

  • Brand New Yamaha Upright Pianos
  • New Yamaha Grand Pianos
  • Yamaha Digital Piano Keyboards
  • Casio Digital Piano Keyboards
  • The entire floor-stock of Second-hand Yamaha and Kawai pianos

Of course, all of the Pianos on sale come with the quality assurance you would expect from one of Melbourne’s longest serving Piano Shops.

Time for a New Piano

As schools are back, March is a popular time for our customers to seek a new Piano or Digital Keyboard.

Often students have spent a month or two trying Piano lessons and decide to pursue this talent. Others may be continuing to play and it is time for an upgrade.

Whatever the reason, the team at Pats Music Shop suggest this as perfect time of year, to offer our customers an unmissable opportunity.

New Piano Sale

So as to make room in our Piano Warehouse, this March Yamaha Pianos will be greatly reduced. Besides the savings, when you buy a Piano at Pats Music store, you are also getting our many years of experience. This means that you get the right piano to suit your needs and our on going support.

Premium Yamaha Piano Dealer

Because of our Yamaha Gold Dealer status as well, our customer can be assured of our expertise and full product support. Naturally, all this is backed by Yamaha Music.

Second Hand Piano Sale

Additionally, Pats Music has a long history as an authorised Kawai reseller. In addition to several quality second-hand Kawai Pianos, we have various quality Yamaha Pianos for sale too.

Digital Piano Keyboard Sale

As can be seen, the March Piano Sale at Pats Music is shaping up to be one not to miss. Included in the sale is our huge range Digital Piano range and Home Keyboards. As a result of being not only a Gold Yamaha dealer, but also a Casio dealer, our range is impressive. From beginners Home Keyboards to state of the art Digital Pianos, we have an instrument for all budgets.

So don’t miss the March Piano sale at Pats music to grab anything from a Casio Keyboard to Yamaha Grand Piano.

Altogether the best Piano Sale in town.

Musical Instrument Rental

by Pats Music

Musical Instrument Rental

Whether you are just starting out as a musician or a professional, Pats Music can assist you in in renting a musical instrument. An innovative Rental program helps you realise your musical goals, progressing with you as you develop.

Beginners Music Rentals

Always popular as the school term commences is our Musical Instrument Rental programme.

Quite often students begin the new year by choosing a musical instrument to learn. But the cost of purchasing a Trumpet or Violin may not be practical. After trying an instrument for a term or two, students can have a change of heart, so investing in an instrument could be a waste of money. This is where renting a musical instrument is a sensible and affordable solution.

Additionally, where students out grow instruments such as Violins or Cellos, a rental can be exchanged for a larger size. For a minimum of six months, you can rent a musical instrument, paying a monthly fee. Costs vary based on the price of the instrument at the time of purchase.

After the first six months, you can choose to continue the monthly payments, or simply buy the instrument outright. Moreover, students get to use the right instruments and are not forced to purchase substandard instruments that may be detrimental to their development.

Professional Musical Instrument Rentals

Of course, as a professional musician, it is often important to keep with the latest technology. Similarly, upgrading or changing an instrument may be required for new objectives. Indeed, having the best possible musical instrument is crucial and as a professional, you may even be able to claim the rental as a tax deduction.

The team at Pats Music Store work very closely with Studio 19. Notably Studio 19 are the top Musical Instrument rental specialists for Australia. Our staff can help you choose the right rental and assist in making the process nice and simple.

Studio 19 - A rental plan with Genuine Flexibility
  • Make sure the equipment is right for you. You can return at any time after 6 months.
  • Apply to purchase at any time, even after 1 day!
  • No ongoing account keeping fees or charges
  • Low monthly payments
  • Maintenance and repairs included
  • Optional Protection Plan available
  • If you continue to rent for the maximum term of 3 years, we will contact you to assist in finalising your agreement.
Rent then buy

Finally, at any time you are able to apply to purchase your rental musical instrument. Of course, the minimum rental period will apply, but after that, the instrument could be yours. As an official Studio 19 Rental agent, just ask one of the Pats Music team for details.

The Pats Music Store staff are here to assist with choosing the right musical instrument to rent. Ultimately we make it simple for students to try out or upgrade at any time.

For more information on rentals, follow this link, pop in to our music shop or give us a call.

Make a musical instrument the perfect Christmas Gift

by Pats Music

Choosing a Christmas gift for a friend or loved one can be difficult. Often overlooked is the gift of music. In fact a Musical Instrument might just be the perfect gift.

Always popular at Christmas here at Pats Music Shop are our Starter Packs. Whether you have a budding Guitarist, Pianist, Drummer or Violinist, here are some ideas that will most likely resolve that ‘what to buy for Christmas” conundrum.

Electric Guitar and Amp Pack by SquierElectric Guitar Pack

Top of the Christmas list is always one of our Electric Guitar and Amplifier packs. This year we have an awesome starter pack on offer in the form of the Squier Strat HSS Electric Guitar and Amp Pack. At just $479, the pack also includes a Guitar Strap, Cable and some Guitar Picks.

These Guitar packs sell fast, so pop in ASAP to avoid disappointment. Of course, Lay-by is available too, so don’t miss out on this awesome gift.

Beginners Keyboard  Yamaha PSRE263

Piano Keyboard Pack

Another hugely popular Christmas gift is the Digital Piano Keyboard. This Christmas we have some unbeatable deals across the Yamaha and Casio range, in particular the Yamaha PSRE 263 with Free Headphones. With limited stock, these awesome starter keyboards are selling for just $199. Again, don’t miss out on one of these entry level Yamaha Keyboards this Christmas. Or why not take a look at our huge range. There really is a Piano Keyboard to suit everyone here at Pats Music Store.

Beginners Drum Kit

Starter Drum Kits

If you are looking for a really cool gift, that will totally wow your loved one, then the Yamaha DTX402K ElectronicDrum kit is the winner. This Christmas we are offering the entire drum kit, plus a Stool, Drum Sticks and set of Headphones. Usually this kit would cost $869.99, but while stocks last, Pats Music Store have limited number of packs for just $599.

An Acoustic Piano

The ultimate Christmas gift for the entire family is of course an Acoustic Piano. Pats Music Store is one of Melbourne’s oldest and best known Piano dealers. Our massive warehouse style Piano showroom holds a vast range of Pianos to suit all budgets. Why not encourage your children to practice Piano through the School Holidays, with a new or used Piano.

Student Piano

This Christmas we even have a new Yamaha Upright Piano, for under $5000. Perfect for the Piano Student or first Piano. With plenty in stock, buy a Piano now and get delivery before Christmas.

Overall, it doesn't matter if your gift is for a beginner or accomplished musician. Here at Pats Music store our friendly staff can help you choose the perfect christmas gift.

From Guitar tuners, to Violin Cases and Trumpets, we have it all. Large or small, affordable or extravagant, the Perfect Christmas gift is right here.

Violin and Stringed Instrument Care

by Pats Music

As one of Melbourne’s best Stringed Instrument and Violin shops, we have years of knowledge and experience.

Other than helping customers choose the best Viola or an affordable Cello, we also offer free advice on these instruments. You are always welcome to pop into our Violin Shops for a quick browse or chat.

Be it a beginners Violin or a Double Bass, these Musical Instruments are delicate creatures and must be cared for. Here a few useful tips to help you get the best from your Strung Instrument.

Strings Maintenance

Stringed instruments can last a lifetime if they are cared for correctly. Many of us don’t know how to properly care for our instruments. Sometimes we can be lazy and don’t even bother to wipe rosin dust from the strings. Caring for your stringed instrument is so important for prolonging it’s life. And very easy once you know what to do. Follow these BLAH tips to make sure your stringed instrument is always in top notch condition.

  1. Clean rosin residue from the strings and woodCleaning Violin Melbourne

Each time you play your stringed instrument your bow leaves rosin residue on the strings. It's left on the wood under

the strings, and the wood of the bow. Rosin is very sticky. It coats the strings and wood in a white powder which gets into the windings of the string. This causes them to age faster, and will seep into the wood ruining the varnish. It’s important to clean your strings regularly to prolong their lifespan. This will ensure they sound bright and clear for as long as possible, and prevent rosin ruining the varnish of your instrument. You will eventually have to revarnish your instrument if you do not clean away rosin residue properly. To clean rosin residue from your strings and wood, use a clean microfiber cloth.

  1. Polish the varnish with a wood varnish

The glands in the skin of your fingers and hands create oil. They sweat which can react and strip the wood varnish from your stringed instrument. Try and avoid touching your instrument with sweaty hands or try and only pick it up by the neck or chinrest on a violin or viola. To protect the wood varnish, use a polish such as Pirastro INSERT. INSERT hydrates the varnish and the wood, and prolongs the life of the wood varnish. Never use alcohol, cleaning solvents, hot water or any other liquids to clean your instrument. They can strip your violin’s varnish.

  1. Change the strings roughly every 12 months

It is recommended that you change the strings on your instrument roughly every twelve months, depending on how often you play it. When changing strings you should always replace them all at the same time. If you change just one string when it breaks, all your strings will be different ages and will all sound different. The new string will sound bright and clear while the older strings will be dull creating an uneven sound.

  1. Always leave the bow hair loose when you are not playingCello Bows

Always loosen the tension of the bow hair after each practice or playing session. If you leave the bow hair at high tension even when you are not playing it, it causes the stick to warp over time, losing its slighting arched shape. It is very expensive to fix a bow once the wood has warped and is usually cheaper to just buy a new bow.

  1. Check the alignment of your bridge regularly

If your strings are too tight, the bridge on your instrument will lean forward. If the bridge is leaning forward for prolonged periods it can pop off the instrument and the wood of the bridge can warp, or eventually crack. To prevent this, check the alignment of your bridge regularly and carefully loosen the strings and adjust the bridge so the bridge feet are flat against the surface of the violin.

  1. Protect your instrument from drastic changes in weather

Stinged Instrument and Violin Shops assistanceMelbourne is renowned for having four seasons in one day, but unfortunately large changes in weather can affect the wood of your instrument and put it out of tune. Cold temperatures in particular cause wood to dry out and become brittle. If left in the cold for long periods, wood can crack and cause irreparable damage. To protect your instrument from the elements, always keep it in its case when you are not playing it, preferably in a temperature controlled room of your house. Do not leave your instrument directly under an air conditioner or heater.

Our Strings and Violin Shops staff hope this article is helpful to you and your Stringed Instrument, but remember, we are always here to help.

To have a look at our Stinged Musical Instrument range, Cello Stands, Violin Cases and other accessories, click here.

Pats Music Shop Christmas 2019

by Pats Music

Pats Music Shop Christmas 2019

Yes, its the Pats Music Shop Christmas again. With only six weeks left until Christmas arrives, now is the best time to start thinking about presents. Gifts for your friends, family or even a gift for yourself!

As always, Pat’s Music is the one-stop-shop for musicians during Christmas time. Unsurprisingly it’s one of our busiest periods of the year.

Whether you’re buying for a beginner or a professional musician, Pat’s has all the Christmas gifts you need. Additionally, if we don’t happen to have what you’re looking for, our friendly staff always do their best to track it down and get it in for you!

Christmas Guitar Packs

Some of our most popular items come Christmas time are our Guitar Packs. Chiefly brought out by Fender and Yamaha specifically for this time of year, Guitar Packs are an awesome gift. For an amazing price, beginner guitarists can be totally kitted out. Not only with an incredible guitar, but a bundle of added accessories, including straps, cases, cables and amps. Moreover, aspiring musicians are completely covered and ready to go with these packs. Indeed, these affordable packs are great for beginners and they are sure to make a perfect Christmas gift.

FenderPlay Pre-Paid Cards

If you’ve already got the gear but are still keen to learn, another great option for an easy and affordable Christmas present, are our FenderPlay Pre-Paid Cards. Guitarists may choose between three or six months and can connect their cards to redeem step-by-step lessons. Further more there is progress tracking and guided videos on Fender’s official learning platform. Not only beginners, but anyone looking to expand and develop their musical skill set will love this gift!

Music Shop Christmas Gift Vouchers

Gift vouchers are always a favourite around Christmas time. Sometimes you just don’t know exactly what to buy a friend or family, and that’s when a Pat’s Music Shop Christmas Gift Voucher comes in handy. It’s an easy and affordable way to give someone a Christmas gift that allows them to choose themselves. Of course, our vouchers cover products across the entire store, so the possibilities are endless!

Christmas Sheet Music

If you’re after even more gifts or stocking fillers, our Print Department can be the next port of call! Since it’s one of the biggest Print Departments around, you’ll be sure to find the sheet music you love. Whether your favourite musicians, movies, musicals and composers, our Print Music department has it all. Together with Music books available for piano, guitar, woodwind, brass, strings, drums, choral groups, vocals and more.

Naturally, Christmas Holiday music is also readily available during this time of the year. Perfect for that Christmas day performance in front of your family and friends.

Gift Music Accessories

Accessories can be a musician’s best friend, and Pat’s Music stocks a wide range of accessories for all instruments. From guitar straps, capos, tuners and strings to reeds, metronomes, stands, cases and rosin, we stock it all! If your friends and family are already covered for instruments, then music accessories may the way to go.

...and so much more

Across all departments, Pat’s Music also stocks a large variety of giftware and accessories, which make perfect stocking fillers and KK gifts. These are especially popular amongst students and teachers, looking for end of year gifts and prizes. Choose from our collection of stationary, bags cases, memorabilia, Fender guitar book ends, apparel and glass wares.

Lay-by you Christmas Music Gift

In the weeks leading up to Christmas, you can also choose to set up a lay-by, to ensure you have your presents ready to go. We also now offer a 10% deposit, making it easier to get started on your lay-by payments, for less. Or why not rent to by with Studio 19? Benefits of renting include low.

Yamaha Annual Concert​

by Pats Music

Yamaha Annual Concert

Yamaha Annual Concert Melbourne

Indeed, the Yamaha Annual Concert is back again and Pats Music Store will of course be in attendance. As always, the team will be sporting the event with our own 'Pop Up Shop'. The event is to be held at Monash University from Saturday the 12th of October to the 13th.

Whether you have been before or not, the Yamaha Annual Concert always offers something new.

Students and teachers are given the opportunity to demonstrate their musicianship, building confidence and experience performing in front of large crowds. Throughout the day,


students of all levels, parents and teachers are encouraged to set new goals, exploring courses and techniques to grow their talent.

With courses starting for students as young as 3 years old to adult music education, visitors can obtain everything they need to plan the years courses.

Of course, the team from Pats Music store will be there to help out, offering advice and special pricing on Yamaha

Piano Keyboards and accessories. To demonstrate the Yamaha Piano Keyboard range and discuss the various course material, we are proud to once again be invited to this incredible event.

Before the event, all of our staff will answer any questions our customers have regarding the entire Yamaha Music Education program. Simply give us a call or stop by our music shop to discuss how Yamaha Music can benefit your education.

September Piano Sale 2019

by Pats Music

The September Piano Sale 2019

It’s back again and its Melbourne’s very best Piano Sale 2019. Indeed this year we are slashing the prices like never before. Every year, Pats Music Store hold this famous Piano Sale and every year dozens of happy customers walk away with an unbeatable deal.

Ultimately if you are thinking about buying an Acoustic Piano or even a Digital Piano Keyboard, don’t miss this Sale. Coupled with our sale on all New Yamaha Pianos and Beale Pianos, all second hand Piano stock is also on sale. In fact we are reducing the prices on all of the following musical instruments;

• New Yamaha upright pianosYamaha Piano Sale September

• New Yamaha grand pianos

• New Beale upright pianos

• New Beale Grand pianos

• Second hand Yamaha upright pianos

• Second hand Kawai upright pianos

• Second hand Schwechten pianos

• Second hand Howard Pianos

• Second hand Beale upright pianos

• Yamaha keyboards and synthesizers

• Yamaha and Casio digital pianos

• Yamaha and Casio Console digital pianos

• Keyboard stands and stools

• Piano benches/stools

Furthermore all of the Pianos and Digital Piano come with the usual assurance you would expect from the best Piano shop in Melbourne.


• 10 year manufacturer warranty on all new pianos

• 5 year store warranty on all second hand pianos

• 5 year warranty on Casio and Yamaha keyboards, synthesizers and digital pianos

• All pianos tuned and serviced by certified service agents

• New Yamaha pianos come with free first tuning through premium care program

Altogether, this Piano sale promises to be really big and we are excited to be offering these amazing prices across our Piano stock. But it cannot and must end when September ends.

All things considered, we urge anyone in the market for a piano, to hurry into Pats Music Store this September.

See you in store!

​Melbourne Guitar Show 2019

by Pats Music

Melbourne Guitar Show 2019

Indeed, it’s that time of the year again. The Melbourne Guitar Show is back in town. Once again guitar fans and enthusiasts will gather for a weekend of incredible guitars, accessories, music and fun.

Your hosts

So this year’s guitar show, presented by ‘Triple M’ and ‘Australian Musician’ magazine, will be running over the 3rd and 4th of August. The day will be held at Caulfield Racecourse and feature an impressive line up of artists, both local and international. In addition to performances from these world class musicians, the expo will feature an array of demonstrations and information seminars.

Biggest Guitar Exhibition

As always, The Melbourne Guitar Show will continue to be the biggest guitar pop-up show in the country. Consequently it features a huge list of vendors and stallholders, displaying the best in guitar gear and music paraphernalia.

For this reason and many more, why not come along and try out the huge selection of guitars and accessories. For instance there will be Electric Guitars, Acoustic guitars, guitar amps, pedals. Additionally, you will find some real cutting edge, state of the art guitar technology.

To begin with, over this huge weekend you’ll get to chat to all the vendors at the show. You’ll try out all the gear and talk everything guitars. Get a first look at heaps of new technology and gear on display. As well as several vintage sellers with unique pieces available for purchase.

Live Guitar Performances

As well as all the gear, the all star line up of musicians and guitarists who will be making an appearance at the show is set to blow everyone away. The event is split between four stages and a workshop room.

Throughout the day you’ll get a chance to catch some of your favourite guitarists from Australia and around the world! Not only will you get the opportunity to watch the masters at work during the many performances taking place over the week, but you’ll even get to meet some of the performers. Be sure to catch performances from guitarists such as Sarah McLeod, Jeremy Barnes, Ash Grunwald, Van Larkins, Corey Legge and all the other artists joining them over the weekend.

Pat's Music Guitar Shop Stand

During the morning and into the afternoons, Pat’s Music will have a stand on the Mezzanine level at the Guitar Show. In fact for the fourth year running, it’s one of the highlights of our year and we always love it! Attendees can come down to the stall, try out some of the incredible guitars we will be bringing along. Feel free to come say hello and talk guitar gear!

Furthermore we will also be manning the Hal Leonard stall downstairs. So not only will we be presenting some amazing guitars, but we’ll also be available to meet all your Print Music needs!

Most important, we’d love to see you all at the Guitar Show this year! If you want a great weekend full of guitars, music and accessories, make sure you grab a ticket. Not only will it be a great day, but also you’ll enjoy special Guitar Show prices at the Pat’s Music stall.

Included in the price of your ticket are performances, seminars and workshops. So make sure you don’t miss out. See you there!

Book Melbourne Guitar Show 2019

29th Birthday Sale

by Pats Music

29th Birthday Music Shop Sale

It’s finally May and here at Pat’s Music that means...Birthday Sale!! For the entire month of May, we’re celebrating our 29th birthday by offering ridiculously good prices not to be missed.


Our selection of Maton guitars is constantly growing, and this month we’ve decided to reduce prices even further. All Maton guitars are now 25% off RRP, PLUS any Maton purchase comes with a free gift pack! That means not only do you get an amazing guitar for an amazing price. You also get a Maton Bag, Strap, Sticker, Pen, Key-ring, Picks, Pick Holder, Beanie and Stubbie holder for FREE!

Fender Guitar Sale


The sale continues with Fender acoustic guitars and electric guitars, basses and amps. Our range of Fender instruments is one of our most popular choices amongst customers, and our birthday sale prices are amazing!

Pick up an acoustic guitar or an acoustic bass for 30% off RRP. Furthermore, all electric guitars, electric basses and amps are currently 25% off the RRP for the entire month!

As well as all Fender guitars, all of our Squier guitars are reduced by 30% off RRP.


We love our collection of classical guitars so we’ve made sure to give our customers great prices for this year’s birthday sale. All Katoh classical guitars are currently 15% off RRP and our Alhambra classical guitars are 15% off!


Our guitar room is filled to the brim with amazing Ibanez guitars and all of them are currently massively reduced. All Ibanez guitars and basses, including the Ibanez Prestige series, are reduced by 25%!! It’s well worth making a visit to the store to try one out for yourself and grabbing a bargain!


Sigma acoustic guitars are a great middle range option. So this month we’ve decided to take 25% off the RRP on all our Sigma stock.


Yamaha guitars are one of the most popular choices amongst our customers.Therefore for the entire month of May you can purchase any Yamaha guitar or bass guitar for 30% off. This includes all acoustic guitars, electric guitars and electric basses.

Orange Amplifier Sale


One of the most popular options when it comes to amplification is our range of Orange amps.

The Orange brand is well known amongst music fans and our stock has been flying out the door. For our birthday sale we’ve decided to make the deal even better, and reduce all Orange amps by 30% off the RRP.

Whether you’re looking for a larger bass amp or a small practice amp, there’s an Orange amp to suit your needs!


Not only do we have discounts on guitars, basses and amps, but our range of sE microphones are also reduced. Come in during May and pick up any sE microphone for 15% off the retail price. This includes all active and condenser microphones.


For all the drummers out there, we have a Paiste deal that can’t be missed!! Get up to 40% off on all Paiste cymbals AND get 30% off our Paiste PST8 Universal Set, with a BONUS crash cymbal. We only have two left so hurry in, these prices can’t be beaten!


If you’re looking for guitar pedals, you’re in luck! Nux guitar pedals are always a popular choice and for our birthday sale we’ve decided to reduce all Nux pedals, with 15% off the RRP.


Our range of violins, violas and cellos are already at some great prices. Enrico and Gliga string instruments are two of the most popular brands, supported by teachers, schools and musicians of all skill levels, so for the month of May we’ve decided to take 25% off the RRP!


Our HUGE range of new nad second-hand acoustic pianos are also included in our birthday sale. We’ve got upright pianos starting from $1200 and grand pianos from $9995! These insane prices are already proving popular with our customers so make sure you get in store to inspect a piano and try it out!


If you’re looking for something a bit more convenient and affordable, our range of Yamaha and Casio portable keyboards are the way to go! Save up to 35% off on all keyboards and digital pianos.

Additionally our range of Casio Privia digital piano’s are currently on clearout prices with some models even sold out already! Take 35% off RRP on selected models, and with limited stock, these prices won’t last long!


Our sale extends to our huge range of accessories as well! Come in to the store and pick up all the accessories you need, for 15% off, including strings, cases, bags, stools, stands, tuners, cables, leads, reeds, sticks, bows and more!


We’ve got bargains in our Print Music department too! With 15% off RRP on ALL SHEET MUSIC AND BOOKS, now is the time to come into the store and stock up on all your print music needs! Whether that’s popular collections, children’s books, classical composers, movie and musical soundtracks or lesson books like the AMEB syllabus, RockSchool collection or Suzuki method, we’ve got 15% off the entire department!

April 19 Piano Keyboard Sale

by Pats Music

April Piano Keyboard Sale

Introducing the April Digital Piano Keyboard Sale at Pat's Music Store Melbourne. If you’ve been thinking about buying your first Home Keyboard or perhaps upgrading your Digital Piano Keyboard, now’s the time.

Yamaha PSRS Home Keyboards

To coincide with release of the latest 2019 Yamaha Piano Keyboards, Pat’s Music Store is offering unbeatable prices across the range.

And it doesn’t stop there!

For the Month of April only, we are discounting all Yamaha and Casio Piano Keyboards. Also we'll even take 15% off of any Sheet Music purchased alongside your new Keyboard.

Here is a quick breakdown of savings you can expect on New Models of Casio and Yamaha Digital Piano Keyboards.

  • 35% off selected Casio Privia Digital Pianos. Very limited stock (PX360MBK & PX5560BE)
  • 25% off Yamaha PSRS arranger workstation models
  • 20% off Clavinova CSP & CLP
  • New Models CDP-S and PX-S Slimline Series (See in-store for details)
  • 15% off Sheet Music with every piano keyboard purchase
  • FREE local delivery (within 10km)

Home Keyboards are just so convenient

Digital Pianos and Home Keyboards represent a great alternative to an Acoustic Piano. In many cases a Digital Piano Keyboard is significantly cheaper than an Acoustic Grand or Upright Piano. Furthermore, where space may be limited, A Piano Keyboard will usually squeeze into even the tightest of spaces.

In addition to their more manageable dimensions, Home Piano Keyboards have one or two other advantages.

The sound of silence

Where noise presents an issue to neighbours or cohabitants, Digital Keyboards provide a solution. Of course, all Yamaha and Casio Keyboards come with a handy Headphone Jack. Therefore by plugging in a set of headphones, the on-board speakers are disengaged and only the player can hear the sound.

A Variety of Piano Sounds

Casio Piano Keyboards

Dependent upon the style or tone of what you wish to play, Digital Pianos offer several variations of Piano Sound. You

can select a Grand Piano sound with the press of a button, or perhaps choose the more subdued tone of an Upright Piano. Moreover, sounds such as Organs and Electric Pianos are also available at the touch of a button and in many cases Orchestral Strings can be added for richer tones.

By and large, Casio and Yamaha Home Keyboards go even further, providing the user with hundreds and sometimes, thousands of sounds at the touch of a button. These Digital Arranger Keyboards allow the user to produce the many musical layers that make up an arrangement. From drums through to Woodwind or even screeching guitars, every layer can be recorded piece by piece on their built-in sequencers.

On a final note

This incredible Digital Piano Keyboard sale must end in April and stocks may be limited. To grab one of these amazing Musical Instruments, we urge you to visit our Music Shop, sooner rather than later. In other words, snooze and you may well lose out a real bargain Piano Keyboard.

Also don’t forget that our Piano Shop boasts a massive selection of both new and second-hand pianos. In fact we are a Yamaha Piano Gold Dealer and offer unequalled knowledge on new and used Upright and Grand Pianos.

Other Acoustic Piano Brands often on display include Beale, Kawai and much, much more.

We look forward to seeing you at the Melbourne Piano Keyboard Sale, you simply don’t want to miss.

Click here for a look at what's on Sale.